• Chronology

    So here I sit staring at a screen and wondering how the hell I got here. As most of you know, my focus is as a writer. This is a fairly new blog for me, and the title is based on the fact that it was going to be a repository for my more obscure […]

  • High Noon

    Good morning, friends and followers, and I hope it finds you well. It finds me in a reflective mood, and I’m going to try to develop an idea I first espoused back in my writing.com days, the link between baseball and writing, so if anyone who knew me then finds this vaguely familiar, that’s why. […]

  • Pointless Overthinking

    I come today to invite you to a blog that I have on my feed and have been reading for a number of years. The subject matter is very eclectic which is just another way to say that there’s something there for everyone. Today one of the several commentators, Todd, who has just turned fifty, […]

  • Karen J. Carlisle

    By a strange twist of fate I have, should we say, more readers in Australia than a southern California beach town product should. I’m not sure why. Perhaps when I was building a name in steampunk — Blimprider, you know, that name — there was a lot of interest among Australian readers. In any case, […]

  • Alicia’s Great Font Adventure

    I’ve known Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt, author of Pride’s Children, for a good many years, since early in my self-publishing days, in fact. Alicia is mature, near my own age, and has been around the block a time or two, so she naturally comes with a host of hard-won lessons. Today on her blog she is […]

  • Magnolia Bluff

    I mention Christopher “C.W.” Hawes here a lot, and I’m doing it again for good reason. See, C.W. is a member of a writing group, and nine members have created one world to write mysteries in. They’re releasing at a rate of one per month, and this month it’s the turn of Cindy Davis who […]

  • Stephanie Kato

    I’ve long called Stephanie “The Steampunk Elf” for a variety of reasons including her size, her appearance, and her writing preference. She’s never asked me to knock it off, so I have no idea what she thinks about it. But, anyway… I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t have more than one aspect to their personality, […]

  • K.M. Allan

    K.M. Allan is an Australian writer and blogger who I have mentioned here before in a friend-of-a-friend sort of way. I’m going to give her her own entry today because she provides invaluable insights for writers who make up the bulk of my readership. In the wake of her brilliant essay, Grieving a Writing Life, […]

  • Deals on Short Story Collections

    Deals on Short Story Collections

    Originally posted on David Lee Summers' Web Journal:
    The annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale is underway. It gets its name because where I live in the northern hemisphere, readers are loading up their e-readers for great beach reading and vacations. In the southern hemisphere, it’s the middle of winter and people are spending time in a…

  • Coming to New Course

    I’ve spoken of late on the subject of a major shift to Vella, and that is happening. All of the stories won’t be leaving here, but some will, and also on Vella are stories that never appeared here, so in order to make navigating easy for my cherished readers, I’ve added a list of links […]

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